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Announcement: The Rules!!

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The Rules...

These are the rules, put in simple terms. By signing up to this forum/Website you are agreeing to all of these rules, we reserve the right to modify these rules at any time of our choosing without notifying our members.

Breaking these rules will incur one or more of the following

* Your forum account suspended/Banned.

* Your warning level going up

* Posting count decreased

Section A - Registration

i) Multiple accounts are not allowed, if found all accounts involved will be terminated, and your IP address will be banned.

Section B - General

i) You must not post spam on the GMH-Torana forums,

ii) You must not post any questionable content, including, but not limited too;

o Racist Remarks

o Abusive Remarks

o Harassing Messages

o Posts That Breach Copyright

o Illegal Material Posts

iii) PG Rated content only.

iv) Content not written by the poster must be posted in quote [quote ] [\quote] tags.

Section C - Messaging

i) All personal messages must not break any rules set out in Section B of the rules.

ii) Any member who is found to be abusing the personal message system will have their permissions revoked.

iii) All Personal Messages sent from user to user, this includes system to user messages, Are logged. If a complaint is received we will review the PM log and possibly investigate the logged content.

The personal message system is a privilege, not a right, and your personal message access will be revoked if you abuse the system.

Section D - Shoutbox

i) All Shouts must not break any rules set out in Section B of the rules.

Section E - Signatures

i) Avatars must not be of an offensive nature .

ii) Signatures must not contain large image files, or offensive material.

iii) Signature size limit is currently set at 650 Pixels Wide x 100 Pixels High and must not be exceeded.

Any avatar/signature deemed to be so will be removed by the Mod/Admin team without warning

Section F - Swapmeet Section.

i) All listings must include required fields.

ii) All listing must be described truthfully and accurately

Section G - Posting Pictures

- If the car is at a show with the plates displayed then Their is no need to blank the number plates.

- In other cases it may be wise to check with the owner first or, by default, blank them before posting.

Section G - Torviki

- Abuse of the Wiki is strictly forbidden, all content must comply with all other sections of the rules

Failure to comply with Wiki rules will result in a minimum 1 week bann.


If a member breaks any of our set rules The Mod/Admin Team will at their own discretion determine a sufficient punishment.

All posts made on the forums are copyright of their respectful owners, in the event of a violation being made please contact a member of The Mod/Admin Team.

As well as the rules set out above, we, GMH-Torana.com reserve the right to question anything which we deem to be inappropriate.

The warning System

The warning system will be used for admins and moderators to keep tabs on or as a reminder of when a user has done something against the rules.

warnings will be removed at an admin or moderators discretions.

20% - First warning - PM to warn of offence
40% - Second and final warning - PM to warn of offence and stays at 40% for 1 month (or reoccurance of first breach).
60% - 7 day suspension - Email stating reason for suspension, upon return stays at 60% for 1 month (or reoccurance of first breach).
80% - 1 month off - Email stating reason for suspension, upon return stays at 80% for 1 month (or reoccurance of first breach).
100% - 3 months off - upon return stays at 100% for 1 month (or reoccurance of first breach).

Any subsequent warnings will incur a total and permanent ban. THe user obiously does not care for this forum and thus is no longer welcome to create problems for our other members.
The user must proactively contact a member of the Admin Team after one month to drop each warn level, and the removal will be discussed by the team prior to being implemented.