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Announcement: The Torviki! (Important thread list)

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General Questions and Help
ID tags Dodgie tag thread
Cool Tools
GMH Dealer code list Dealer numbers from the 70's
Polishing Aluminium Do it yourselfer's guide
What the heck does that mean Definitions for the uninitiated
Fitting a Nine-Inch Pitfalls and Problems
Freight Around Australia for parts! Use this contact to move your parts!

General HB-LC-TA-LJ
V8 Conversion On Lc/lj Torana Using Red And Blue Non Efi Motors
Lc/lj Colour Charts And The Gtr Wiring Diagram.
LJ Wiring Diagram and Colour Charts
VIN CD Avalible for Download
Brake Booster upgrade - GTR to XU1
XU1-GTR Numbers Who to contact to VERIFY a vehicle

General LH-LX-UC
Centrally Lock Me! central locking in your torana
Specifications - Track
Fitting A Uc/commodore Indicator Stalk
Fitting An R31 Skyline Bw78 Differential To Lh/x/uc
Front Power Windows
Rear Power Windows
Upgrade For Lh/lx/uc Ac Controls
Repairing An Sl/r Dash Cluster
Drop Tanks
Torana NUmbers
Engine Mount Pictures
Identifying your LH/X
Lh/lx To Uc Interchange Guide.
SLR Guages Which one should I be looking for?

Porting Heads Guide
Nissan Rb30 Twin Cam Head Conversion
V6 Commodore Motor Into A Lh/lk Torana - A Quick Guide.
Blue Head On Red Block (holden 6)
How To Get 330+ Hp From A 253 V8
Understanding Multigrade Viscosity Ratings
Lx Pollution Gear - Adr27 & A Explained
How to build a HOT Holden 6 - VERY Good Information!
Engine builders by state - members recommendations

Hazard Flasher Circuit, Diagram + Instructions
2v For Elec Ignition

Mounting A Front Sway Bar

Nissan 4-spot Calipers On Lh/x/uc
Diff Ratio(revised) 5min Check
Tyre Identification
How to get your speedo reading correctly I'm not talking about your swimming togs
How To Rig Up A Hand Brake On A Lh/x With Commodore Rear Discs


Reconditioning An Ss Console

How To Post Pictures
Post Counts
Website F.A.Q's