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[Torviki] Lx Pollution Gear - Adr27 & A Explained

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Posted 30 July 2008 - 08:16 PM

Article title: Lx Pollution Gear - Adr27 & A Explained
Article description: When did they change to polution gear...
Category: Engine
Date added: Jul 30 2008, 08:16 PM
Article starter: Joshua

The 2 levels of anti-pollution gear mentioned on the Compliance plates of Toranas are ADR27 & ADR27A.

ADR27 was 'phased in' during Sept 1973, yes, no mis-type, 1973 during the HQ & LJ series. ADR27 was a resistriction on outputs of HC etc but mainly at idle. In NSW all the rego guys want is a print-out of the exhaust at idle for certification, usually only if a non-standard carby is fitted, otherwise they don't bother. This may not be the case in other states. ADR27 cars left the factory with plugs or caps to stop people fiddling the idle mixture & on the V8s they added the hot air pick-up from the exhaust manifold.

ADR27A, introduced on the 1st July 1976 was the 1st time they introduced engine devices that affected drivability & engine output, with items like EGR valves & retarded cams & ignition systems. The 6 Cyl ADR27A motors got the hot air intake similar to the LH V8s. Early LXs don't have ADR27A.

The carbon canister is a device that captures fuel tank vapours & returns them to the engine to be added to the combustion mix. They were introduced on Holdens on the 1st Jan 1975 but do not feature on the Compliance plate as an ADR. Some rego guys know that 1975 cars require a canister, but many don't. If it was my car, I'd fit one to get rid of the petrol fumes from the fuel tank. Carbon canisters don't affect Horsepower or drivability. 1974 LH Toranas just vent the vapours to atmosphere.

Lx Pollution Gear - Adr27 & A Explained

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